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Request to Audit

The completed application will enable us to evaluate the approximate cost of the audit.

Fields marked * are required to fill

Full name of the company *
Аddress *
Contact person *
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E-mail *
Full name and position of the head *
Full name of financial director/chief accountant *
Form of incorporation *
The presence of branches and representative offices

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Date of registration (re-registration) *
Information about the founders *
The total number of employees *
Area / activity of the company
The number of suppliers and contractors (in Ukraine, abroad) *
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Foreign economic activity exports

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(number of contracts and partners)
Number of employees in the department of accountancy
The form of accounting
Automation of accounting (the name of software)
Taxation system
Availability of tax benefits
List of taxes with an indication of benefits
Evaluation of Accounting

Information on the company's balance sheet of the last reporting date
(reporting date)
Balance sheet total (thousand USD)
Income from sales (thousand UAH)
Net income (thousand UAH)
Equity capital (thousand USD)
The authorized fund (UAH)
Loans (UAH)
Report data on financial results
Turnover of sales (thousand UAH)
Audits were conducted during the period specified
By Tax Organizations (period)
By Extra-budgetary funds (period)
Purpose and type of audit
Period of audit
Desired timing of audit
Language of accounting documents
Additional information
IMPORTANT NOTE:Our offer will be prepared subject to the provision of financial statements (Form number 1 and number 2) for the period of the audit company